About Us

Since 1906 Schuman Feathers has been the leading supplier of quality feather products throughout the world.

Our feathers are supplied to trade professionals and designers in the Fashion, Costume, Décor and Couture industries. Our clientele includes Wedding and Event Planners, Jewelry and Fashion Designers and various professionals in the Television, Music and Movie Industry. At Schuman Feathers, we continuously travel the world to hand pick our natural feathers.  

Our feather selections include but are not limited to Ostrich, Peacock, Pheasant, Turkey, Guinea, Duck, Goose, Chicken and Rooster. We supply Feather Boas, Packaged and Bulk Feathers, Tapes, Trims, Fringes, Stems, Plumage, Flue, Rounds and Swords.   

Please contact us directly to visit our showroom located in Miami, Florida or to discuss any custom feather needs.