Aldeburgh Carnival: A Festival for All Age Groups

If you are a carnival lover, you don’t want to miss a beautiful and interesting opportunity. Isn’t it? Carnival season is up again with various small and big carnivals in the line-up. These carnivals are awonderful way to bring different cultures together at one platform. Also, carnivals give people a chanceto enjoy with their loved ones in fun and excitement, and to display their cultural heritage. There arevarious cities in United Kingdom, which are world famous for their grand, lavish and colorful carnivalcelebrations. Aldeburgh town is one among them. This beautiful coastal town in England is famous forits lively and energetic family carnival, which is popularly known as Aldeburgh Carnival. It is also knownas Suffolk Coast’s annual festival. During the celebration, Aldeburgh town transforms into a mesmeric, colorful carnival city. Aldeburgh carnival is a festival for people of all age groups. In this festival, there is something foreveryone to enjoy and relish. Here, you can enjoy good quality family fun that include activities likepunch and judy, imaginative floats, a mini marathon, fancy dress creations, donkey rides, marchingbands and swimming races for the athletic. Also, there are magnificent Chinese lantern procession, widerange of Carnival Village stalls, grand firework display on the beach and several other exciting events.Other popular and main events of the carnival festivity include High Street float parade with the selection of the carnival queen. Every year, the Aldeburgh Carnival is celebrated during the weekend to let people enjoy in high enthusiasm. This year, it is the 73rd anniversary of the carnival, which is celebrated from August 15 to August 17, 2015. To make the festival celebration splendid in every manner and memorable than ever,the carnival theme is decided to be “Disney”. Feathers are also an important part of the carnival celebration, as they are used to design and adorn costumes for the festive celebration. Different types of bird quills are used to design these costumes in a colorful and alluring manner. If you are the one, who love music and art festival, a rich cultural heritage on land and at sea, delicious food and festival shopping, this prominent fête is definitely for you! To make this carnival celebration more beautiful, Schuman Feathers is offering top-quality feathers in bulk at special discount offer. These quills are available in a range of sizes and vibrant colors at wholesale to let you buy your choice of quills.