Carnival Feathers for Bermuda Heroes Weekend

The biggest celebration in the Island of Festival, the Bermuda Carnival remembers is heroes in the most fashionable ways. It’s a semblance of Soca Music, local cuisine, parades, boat rides and fun. An island that is already pristine with its pink sand beaches and pastel colored homes gets more colorful with people from all parts of the community coming together and celebrating the day. If you have been looking to experience the island life in its true blood and spirit, this is the best opportunity to soak yourself in!
Carnival Feathers for Bermuda Heroes Weekend

About the carnival feathers

The Bermuda Carnival, also known as the Bermuda Heroes Weekend, comprises of several events, each dedicated to the unique cultural experiences that the island represents. Thousands of visitors flock to the Bermuda Carnival, for more than 15 years now. Less than 2 hours from the East Atlantic Coast, you would easily be transformed into a whole new world! After all, what could be a better backdrop than the turquoise waters, the melodic tunes of Bermuda’s own Soca and the feathery costumes! At the backdrop of all the merrymaking is Bermuda’s own Soca Music that will make anyone fall in love with the island life.

Buying ostrich feather by the pound!

The foundations of the culturally and ethnically diverse Bermuda were laid back in 1920 by Sir Edward Trenton Richards. As they say in the island ‘to know our heroes is to know ourselves’, this carnival brings out the collective history, values and beliefs that makes a Bermudian. Be at your colorful best because this is an occasion that will not be drowned by subtlety! The most important addition to your attire would be traditionally worn carnival feathers. You can buy a range of high quality bird feathers, including ostrich feathers, peacock feathers, pheasant feathers, rooster feathers, and nagorie feather from local shops and also online stores like Schuman Feathers. It’s a time to fly and this would be the perfect way to represent your freedom! Be extravagant, be like a Bermudian!

Types of carnival feathers- Buying Feathers Online

Depending on what costume you are going to wear for the carnival, you can go for a variety of feather designs that include drabs, nandu, plumes and spades. You can buy feathers online at the best price and use them for the carnival costume purpose. Be sure that there’s a costume for everyone!

Festival dates

The annually celebrated Bermuda Carnivals returns this year between June 16th and June 19th. The main events include BHW Kiddie Carnival, Five Star Friday, BHW Raft Up, Pan in the Park, Super Hero J’Ouvert, BHW Parade of the Bands and USC Last Lap. So, whether you are looking for some surfing or the best food and culture from across the Island, June 16th-19th are the dates you need to get ready for!