Hollywood Carnival 2017 - Events Schedule Preparation To Make

Just grasp your escape from your busy ordinary schedule to an all new world of glamour, music, fun, and decorations as arrives the magnificent Hollywood Carnival 2017. Enveloped in its traditional charm and unending fun, the Los Angeles Carnival 2017 is surely the best festival where you can flaunt your glamour in Pheasant Feather carnival dresses and expressive Ostrich feather headdresses. The 6th Edition of the Grand Los Angeles Cultural Festival is just around the corner, so are you ready with your carnival preparations? To help you out Schuman Feathers brings you its exclusive collection of Carnival feathers at wholesale prices online. But, let us first know the schedule of the Hollywood Carnival 2017 and make our preparations accordingly.


Hollywood Carnival 2017Schedule of LA Carnival/ Hollywood Carnival 2017

  • Saturday, June 10th- Hollywood Carnival’s Silent Party
  • Thursday, June 22nd- Welcome to Hollywood
  • Friday, June 23rd- The Main Event
  • Saturday, June 24th- Carnival Village
  • Saturday, June 24th- The After Party
  • Sunday, June 25th- Shine Hollywood

Preparations You Need To Make For The LA Carnival/ Hollywood Carnival 2017

Tailor Your Fascinating Carnival Attire For Carnival Village Event Using Pheasant Feathers Wholesale:

How about tailoring your own carnival attire for the Carnival Village event of the LA carnival 2017 on 24th June 2017? You can easily get Pheasant feathers for sale online at affordable prices to craft some alluring carnival dresses. Sparkling shades of Ostrich feathers can be used to craft spectacular Samba style bikini costumes to be adorned on the Carnival Village event. With this, you can decorate your awe-inspiring feather bustles using Saddle Hackle feathers.

Dive deep In The Carnival Fun By Making Exciting Carnival Props and Headdresses Using Ostrich Feathers

The Hollywood Carnival 2017 is a grand series of larger than life events that allow you to explore the extraordinary fun by crafting yourself some amazing carnival props using the various species of Pheasant feathers. With this, you can use brightly shaded Saddle Hackle feathers to craft vivid feather headdresses, feather wings, and feather boots, etc. for the road parade events at the LA Carnival. 

The magnificent Parties, Cultural Events and Music Shows that the 6th Edition of the Grand Los Angeles Cultural Festival brings live just cannot be missed. So, be the highlight of the Hollywood Carnival 2017 by starting your preparations with your set of wholesale Pheasant feathers and other carnival feathers exclusively available at the best price online, just at Schuman Feathers.