Make your Valentine Day Special with Feather Decoration

Saint Valentine’s Day, popularly known as Valentine’s Day and also as the Feast of Saint Valentine, is a day dedicated to love. The day is observed on February 14 every year, and is celebrated worldwide, except in Islamic countries, in different manner. It is celebrated with the exchange of gifts, cards, roses and candies between the loved ones.

Valentine day has its long and ancient history, having vestiges of Christian as well as Roman tradition. The day is celebrated in the memory of Christian Saint Valentinus, who was imprisoned for performing marriages of young soldiers and later put on death; although, there are other popular stories behind the celebration of this romantic day. Some other popular stories propose that St. Valentine has been killed for helping Christians to escape from harsh Roman prisons. The imprisoned Valentine has sent the first “valentine” when he fell in love with a young girl, who was the daughter of his jailor. To express his love for the girl, Valentine wrote a letter to her before his death, signed as “From your Valentine”. This expression is still popularly used to express one’s affectionate feeling for someone.

In different countries, the day is celebrated in different manner, like in United States; it is celebrated by exchanging cards and gifts. In other countries also, it is celebrated in similar manner i.e. by exchanging cards and gifts and also by exchanging chocolates and flowers. Millions of cards and flowers are exchanged every year, making Valentine Day the second most popular card-exchanging day after Christmas. In today’s time, the celebration of this day has gone a step ahead with beautiful decoration, apart from exchange of things. Flowers, candles, heart shape wreaths, ribbons, feathers and many more things are used to celebrate the day in the most affectionate way. Among all, use of the natural feather made and decorated items are the most attractive way of valentine decoration. Natural plumes are not only used to make artificial flowers (roses), but are also used to make centerpieces, wreathes, and other decorative items.

Variety of plumes is used to make special feather-made items for this romantic day. These include Ostrich plumes, Turkey plumes, Rooster plumes and many more. You can use any of these plumes to make your valentine day special. Besides, to make your valentine decoration more graceful and beautiful, you can use ostrich feather centerpieces. You can also use Ostrich plumes to make artificial feather roses and splendid heart-shaped wreaths.

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