Peacock Feathers: The most preferred and flamboyant feathers!

Things made-up from soft, lightweight and magnificent feathers have always been a center of attraction for kids as well as adults. Today, in market, you will find variety of bird’s plumes in varied colors, size and shapes at affordable prices. You can choose and buy any of your preferred feathers that suits best as per your requirement.

Peacock quills are the most preferred, endearing and bright color quills, consists of eye-appealing combination of blue and green. The male bird of the species has these beautiful and multi-colored plumes. It is known fact that peacock molts more than 150 plumes every year, before the start of the breeding season. These long and colorful plumes are actually an expansion of shorter tail quills that support their weight. Due to their attractive appearance, these quills are widely used for decoration purpose. You can use them to decorate your home, wedding place, party ambience or any other place with special purpose. Their beautiful look makes them popular for other useful purposes like making costumes, feather fans,head bands, masks, headpieces or head dresses,  and stunning jewelries like earrings, pendants, full necklace wear, etc. Besides this, you can use peacock quills to beautify purse, tote bags, accent pillows, clutch,and even, footwear. They are also best suitable as picture frames and paintings in home décor. Instead of colored plumes, white peacock plumes are also used for decoration purpose and for making costumes and jewelry items.

Peacock plumes are also superb for theme weddings and parties, as they add grace to it. As a wonderful theme for wedding, you can use peacock plumes to make your wedding costume and bouquet, and to decorate the wedding place, table settings and cake. You can prepare centerpieces with peacock quills to make the atmosphere pleasing. In addition, you can use other bird’s feather along with peacock quills to make these wedding centerpieces. Besides, you can also use feather-made centerpieces for other occasions like anniversary and birthday parties, engagement celebrations and other events. The centerpieces made with quills are also an added attraction for decoration purpose at holiday and festive season that include Valentine’s Day, Easter Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

You can buy premium-quality natural as well as dyed wholesale peacock feathers online from Schuman Feathers. In dyed forms, they are available in pink, red, turquoise, yellow and other bright colors. Buying these plumes in bulk also give you a price advantage. You can use these beautiful peacock plumes to make cheap wedding center pieces.