Tortola Festival 2017 - Kick-start Celebrations With Bulk Feathers

Breathe the spirit of emancipation that spreads its wings wide open with the Grand Tortola Festival 2017 that lays off the curtain in the August this year. Be it the larger than life decorations using carnival feathers, the prestigious cultural events, the awe-inspiring carnival attires using Pheasant Feathers wholesale, the mesmerizing music, or the alluring aura, the Tortola Carnival Festival in the British Virgin Islands is impeccable in its each essence.  Embellished with a list of exciting events, including pageants, music shows, band performances, exotic parade, exhibitions, horse races and food fair, etc., the Carnival just urges you to collect your carnival feathers for sale and show up with the best preparations to enjoy the magnificent event. 

Here Is The List Of Events For The Tortola Festival 2017

Note: The exact time and date of the events is not available yet and will be updated soon. To get more updates follow our blog. 

  • Calypso Show at the Tortola Festival Village
  • Cultural Food Fair at the Noel Lloyd Positive Action Movement Park
  • Emancipation March/ Emancipation Service/ Miss BVI
  • East End Long Look Festival at Beef Island
  • Grand Parade (East End Long Look Festival)
  • Carrot Bay Cultural Fiesta

Some Preparations You Need To Make For The Tortola Carnival Festival 2017

Collect Ostrich Feathers in Wholesale for The Grand Parade

The glory is about to come live with The Grand Parade at the Tortola Festival in British Virgin Islands, so are you ready with your imposing carnival feather attire? If not, find Lady Amherst Feathers online and club them with fancy shades of Ostrich Feathers in wholesale to make amazing carnival props and costumes for the Grand Parade event. Feather boots, feather wings and expressive feather headbands that can be made to be adorned using Pheasant feathers in wholesale. 

Explore The Carnival Feather Fun at Calypso Show and Carrot Bay Cultural Fiesta

Are you ready for your grand carnival feather collection for it is all you need to add to your eye-catching attire at the Calypso Show? The alluring Festival Glow Party at the Carrot Bay Cultural Fiesta event is another place to flaunt your costume design and festooning skills for making glowing headbands and feather props. 

The Tortola Festival 2017 is just around the corner with its list of expressions and emancipation to be played live, so if you wish to live it out loud with some awesome preparations on a budget, find exclusive carnival feathers for sale online at best market price just at Schuman Feathers. 

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