Aalborg Carnival: Unique and the Largest Carnival in Northern Europe

Get ready to relish a unique carnival experience in an entertaining and festive atmosphere of Aalborg Carnival, Denmark!Aalborg Carnival is the main cultural event of the Aalborg city, Denmark, and is celebrated annually, usually in the last week of May. In fact, it is the largest carnival in Northern Europe, and catches attention of the people from all over the world because of its unique and diversified cultural and entertainment events. The carnival festivity runs for a week, and it is celebrated on a large scale by everyone, be it professional carnival groups, local people, children or any other carnival lover. It was first organized in the year 1983 with the purpose of celebrating the fantasies and traditions of the Aalborg city. Every year, the carnival is celebrated with a distinct and unique theme that opens up ways to showcase varieties of stylish costumes. This year, the carnival is starting from May 15 and will end-up on May 23, 2015.

This popular carnival of Denmark gives people a distinctive carnival experience with various entertainment events that set the stage for competitions, different styles of dance and pleasing music. It also invites people from different cities of the world to savor drinks with pirates, princesses and fantasy figures in different theme bars. The celebration keeps on going till midnight, followed by incredible fireworks show, which indicates the end of the carnival celebration. The whole week carnival celebration includes three main events: The Grand Parade, Battle of Carnival Bands and Children’s Carnival. The Grand Parade The Grand Carnival Parade, which is carried out in colorful and elaborated feather costumes, catches attention of the people from every corner of the world. Every year, this grand street parade is initiated by approx. 15 professional carnival troops, followed by hundreds and thousands of people dressed out in stylish costumes made with plumes, dancing and celebrating the event. This year, this event will take place on May 23, 2015. Battle of Carnival Bands This event is an international carnival festivity, and is celebrated a day before the Grand Parade. Various exciting carnival groups participate in this event every year to compete for the title, called as the Best Carnival Group. This Battle of Band is taking place on the inaugural day of the carnival i.e. on May 15, 2015. Children’s Carnival Thousands of children of all ages celebrate the carnival by dressing-up in adorable, colorful costumes and marching through the streets of the city along with their parents. On this special day, the city park (Kildeparken) transformed into a magic world, where children can experience wonderful, exciting and thrilling activities and entertainment. This year, this event is taking place on May 16, 2015. Costumes of Aalborg carnival heightens up the festive mood because of their color-rich and showy appearance. These costumes are made using varieties of feathers, like Peacock, Ostrich and Cocktail. The style and the pattern of these costumes also showcase the theme of the carnival celebration. So, to make this carnival celebration a memorable event for lifetime, Schuman Feathers is offering finest-quality wholesale feathers in different sizes. These plumes are offered in a range of attractive colors, under categories of natural, bleached and dyed and overdyed. You can buy any of your preferred feathers in bulk to make a remarkable and sophisticated costume for the carnival.

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