Amplify your carnival festivity with natural and exquisite feathers

Montreal Carifiesta is a true-blue heritage and cultural celebration, highlighting music, dance and colorful costumes in traditional Caribbean variety. This Caribbean carnival is one of the most engaging parades of Montreal, Canada. Since 1975, it is celebrated as a July tradition, representing Montreal’s Caribbean community and style with beautiful and gorgeous costumes, steelpan performances and vivacious street parade. The colorful performances of the street parade attract people from all over the world. This Carifiesta parade of Montreal city is all about cultural inclusiveness, excitement and colorful presentation of artistic expression.

This great carnival of Montreal is the second largest Caribbean carnival in Canada, on account of its cultural significance. Every year, the carnival is celebrated with a mission to involve more and more people in the parade and its associated activities. It is also celebrated with a motive to educate people about a particular facade of Caribbean culture, and to promote friendliness among various groups and communities. Various events of the carnival is managed and coordinated by the Caribbean Cultural Festivities Association, which a non-profit organization. This year, it is the 40th annual Montreal Carifiesta, having celebrations from July 4 to July 6, 2015. The carnival festivity starts with big, colorful street parade that include large gathering of people from different origins and countries. High-spirited dance and the melodious rhythm of the Latin West-Indian and Afro-Caribbean music are the major attractions of the carnival celebration that keep people engaged and involved. Floats decorated with the colors of the represented countries, traditional dances, and exotic costumes (prepared with feathers), are also the major highlights of the carnival festivity. Soca and Calypso music are also played during the festivity. Besides main street parade, a Carifiesta Junior Carnival is also celebrated a week before the main parade. This junior carnival is for the kids, aged between 2 to 16 years of age. The purpose of celebrating this junior carnival is to introduce children to the Caribbean culture. Moreover, the day after the main street parade, Carifiesta Cooldown is celebrated. It is a family-oriented event, featuring delightful performances by local as well as international guest artists. As the color-rich feather costumes are the main highlight of the whole carnival celebration, different types of soft and downy quills are bought and used to design and decorate these costumes. To make and design these costumes with beautiful quills, Schuman Feathers is supplying varieties of plumes that include wholesale ostrich featherspheasant feathers, cocktail quills, peacock quills, turkey quills, etc. We are offering these  in an assortment of attractive colors and size options. 

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