Astonishing Pheasant Feathers for Variety of Uses

Feathers are the most beautiful, fluffy natural creation that looks exquisite in any form. Pheasants belong to Phasianidae family, and are categorized by their sexual dimorphism. There are different species of pheasants found in this family, but Common Pheasant is widely known throughout the world. Male pheasants are found in bright-colored body; while female pheasants are found in different shades of brown. Plumes of these birds are popularly used for various purposes like carnival costumes and masks, fashionable jewelries, hair ornaments (clips and head band), headpieces, millinery items, craft applications, centerpieces, bouquets, and for decoration. For all these purposes, you will get pheasant plumes in varied sizes, shapes and dyed colors. Pheasant plumes are also used for themed wedding and parties. This means, you can make and decorate anything from wedding dress, centerpiece to bouquets from these distinct looking quills. Centerpieces made with these pheasant feathers add attraction to your table decor in a highly appealing manner. Besides, these quills are used to make colorful carnival costumes and masks. These feather costumes are used in some of the world renowned carnivals like Trinidad and Tobago carnival, Rio de Janeiro, Junkanoo carnival and many more. People dancing in these colorful feather costumes add grace and charm to the celebration and attracts onlookers to great extent. There are different types of pheasants, whose quills are used for decoration and other valuablepurposes. Some popular types are:

  • Ringneck Pheasant – These are ground-dwelling, chicken-like birds and their quills are usually used for home decor because of eye-catching appearance. The natural brown shade of these quills is widely used for decoration; whereas, they can also be dyed in different shades like orange, green, turquoise, red, yellow, etc.
  • Long-tailed/Reeves Pheasant – They have long, pointed tails that are extensively used for trading and for making trendily designed jewelries like earrings, pendants, hair clips and more. You can also use these quills to make headdresses and alluring centerpieces.
  • Silver pheasant – They are large type of pheasants, having 120 to 125 cm of body length. The tail of this specie is 75cm in length. Males of this specie have white upper parts and tails with glossy bluish-black under parts and crest. On the other hand, females are brown in shade and have short tails. Silver pheasant quills are used for decorating tables, vases, walls and other things.
  • Lady Amherst and Golden Pheasant – Lady Amherst pheasants are 100-120 cm in total length with 80cm long tail only. As compared to females, males of this species are more showy in appearance. Golden pheasants are secretive in nature, butare very graceful in looks. Plumes of both these pheasants are used as decorative item. They are also used to make ornaments and styling your hairs in artistic manner.

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