Baltimore Caribbean Carnival: Celebrating and Encouraging Cross Culture

Carnivals are a way to celebrate the culture of a particular nation, and to bring people together at one place. Carnival binds people in one color i.e. the color of joy and passion. There are different types of carnivals that are celebrated in different parts of the world in various ways.


Baltimore Caribbean Carnival is one fatal example of carnivals celebrated in divine spirit of joy and togetherness. It is a beautiful combination of two cultures and carnivals i.e. Baltimore Carnival and Washington DC Carnival. The DC carnival is combined with Baltimore’s celebration to make it one grand festival. DC carnival is the popular and the fastest growing carnival in North America, representing the true Caribbean culture and encouraging the community participation. Also, for more than 20 years, it is a popular summer festival, inviting people from all over the world and featuring 30 participating groups that represent the Caribbean, Latin America and the Diaspora in colorful feather costumes. These colorful costumes portray distinct themes and people dancing to the melodious sound of African, Latin, Calypso, Soca, Haitian, Reggae and Steelband music. Baltimore/ Washington Caribbean Carnival is the annual festival, celebrated to encourage cross-cultural programs within Washington, DC areas and communities. Officially, the carnival is known as “Baltimore Washington One Carnival”. The purpose of celebrating the two carnivals as one carnival is to expand Caribbean culture and to involve more and more people in the exuberant celebration. The carnival is also celebrated with the aim to educate youths, children and adults regarding Caribbean art, craft and culture. Street parades, music, dance, colorful costumes, food, art and craft and entertainment are the major highlights of the carnival celebration. This year the carnival celebration starts on July 11 and will end on July 12, 2015. Moreover, the carnival celebration begins with Caribbean-style parade and continues with other festive celebrations that showcase live music and entertainment, dance performances in color-rich costumes made with feathers, scrumptious Caribbean food stalls and much more. Costumes made with quills in vibrant colors are also the major highlight of the whole carnival celebration. To make these elegant and dramatic costumes, varieties of quills are used. For making these eye-catching costumes for carnival celebration, Schuman Feathers is offering top-quality quills in wide varieties. We are offering ostrich, cocktail, hackle and pheasant feathers in bulk in various sizes. Also, you can these wholesale feathers in various colors to make best and alluring costumes.

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