Bring comfort and Design to Your Room with Feather Cushions

Feathers are used to make soft pillows, cushions and beddings. Nagorie feathers are widely used for the purpose of filling pillows. They are a type of goose feathers and have an excellent property of providing insulation. This is the reason why these pillows keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Also, these pillows give good support, posture and alignment to the body. One can easily make feather pillows and cushion at home. Homemade pillows are much more soft and fluffier than those available in the market and they cost much lesser than them. If one properly takes care of these pillow, they can last for years. Furnishing plays an important role in the overall look of a house. Curtains, carpets, sofa fabric, cushion covers etc. contribute a lot in making a great drawing room ambience. You need to take care of both design and comfort to impress your guests. Homemade feather cushions provide a lot of comfort and they can be designed as per your requirement. If you are a DIY enthusiast, it can be a fun activity for you. Following are the steps for making, drawing room cushions for your house with feathers:

  • The First thing is to decide how many cushions you want to make. Get a fabric, preferably cotton with nice print design on it.
  • The standard square cushion size is 14 by 14 inches. But, you need to leave a space of around 2inches from every side. So calculate the total length of our fabric and purchase it from a furnishing store.
  • If you want to make cushions with zipper buy them in right lengths.
  • Making cushions require some skills of simple stitching by hand or sewing machine.
  • If you want to make a set of four cushions cut the fabric into 8 equal pieces.
  • Now take two pieces of cut fabrics and place them on one another in a way that the printed side is inside. To avoid any misplacement it is better to either pin it up from all the sides or make raw hand stitches at the three edges.
  • With the help of a sewing machine, sew the three sides of the square cushions and leave one side open. Similarly, do it for all the other cushions.
  • Now take zippers and attach them to the open sides of all the cushion cases.
  • Turn the case to get the printed side outside.
  • Start filling feathers inside the cushion case. You need to hold it properly and shake it in between so that there is an even distribution of feathers and space gets created for more feathers. Till you achieve the desired fullness, keep filling in the feathers.
  • Zip up the cushion case and your cushions are ready. Hang all the cushions in the sunlight fro some hours. This will make cushion airy and soft.

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