Celebrate Carnivals in this New Year with Feathers

Carnivals are a great way to celebrate festive season. Different types of carnivals are celebrated in different countries according to their culture and tradition. The term “carnival” was first used in Italy several years ago. In Italy, Catholics have started the custom of holding wild costume festival a day before the start of Lent. During the Lent, followers of Catholic do not eat meat; and therefore, they have given the name “carnevale – meaning -to put away the meat” to their festival. With the passage of time, carnivals in Italy gained huge popularity, and as a result, they spread to different parts of the world.

People from different parts of the world celebrate carnivals in different manner (as per their culture) with dance, music and street parades in colorful costumes. These carnival costumes are made with different things, but natural bird feather costumes are the most creative and unique among them. Ati-Atihan, Mummers Parade, Rio de Janeiro, Carnival of Venice, Trinidad and Tobago carnival,and Calabar Carnival are some of the famous carnivals in which feather-made colorful costumes are used to perform dances and street parades. Ati-Atihan is an annual festival, celebrated in the honor of Santo Niño. It includes music, tribal dance in ethnic costumes and with weapons, and street parade. Mummers Parade is the oldest folk festival of United States, celebrated on New Year’s Day in colorful feather costumes and portable sceneries. Venetian carnival or Carnival of Venice is the annual festival of Venice, popular for its decorative feather masks. Calabar carnival is celebrated to boost-up the culturalmontage of Nigeria. Trinidad and Tobago Carnival is an annual festival, celebrated in colorful feather costumes to showcase different cultural events. Variety of plumes is used to make beautiful and color-richcarnival costumes. These include – Ostrich, Pheasant, Cocktail, Rooster and Peacock. Apart from carnival costumes, these plumes are used to make carnival masks, feather wings for carnival celebration and other things. Peacock plumes are one of the most beautiful looking plumes, used to make carnival costumes, feather wings, masks, headpieces, and other carnival items. Costumes made from these plumes give a very distinct appearance. Besides this, these quills are used to make other useful and attractive items like fashionable dresses, jewelries, hats, centerpieces, bouquets, craft and millinery items. Schuman Feathers offers peacock feathers for carnival celebration in different sizes and color options. We offer wholesale peacock feathers at a reasonable cost to let you make artistic and attention-grabbing carnival costumes.

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