Costumes: Relish the True Soul of Carnival Celebration

Costumes are the most significant part of the carnivals, celebrated in various countries of the world. Different styles, sizes and colors of costumes are made as per the tradition and culture of a particular country. Costumes give an eye-catching and adorable look to the cultural events and street parades, performed during the carnival festivity, and raise the enthusiasm level. In fact, costumes are the true soul of carnival celebration in every manner.

In carnival celebration, the beauty and elegance of costumes not only reflects the theme of the street parades, but also it astonishes and delights the spectators. Elaborated costumes in the world’s biggest carnival – Rio de Janeiro, are one good example of this. In Rio carnival, costumes represent the theme of the Samba schools that took part in street parades. Each school is divided into various wings, and each wing has to wear the costumes, specific to their role. Moreover, these costumes are made and designed by Samba schools only. Ground wing costumes and float costumes are some of the popular costumes of Rio carnival street parade. Ground wing costumes are those that are provided by a samba school to each wing. Floats are one of the biggest attractions of Rio street parade; therefore, float costumes are designed in more attractive and sophisticated manner. The color and the design of these float costumes depends largely on the colors and styles of the Samba School. Similar to that of Rio Carnival, costumes are also a significant part of the Trinidad and Tobago carnival, Jamaica Carnival, Mardi Gras, Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Binche Carnival, and various other popular carnivals of the world. In majority of the world’s carnivals, feather costumes are used to perform street parades, dance, and other cultural events. Every section of the costume i.e. wings, masks and headpieces, is designed with plumes to give them a fascinating look. Wide varieties of plumes are used to make to large, stylish and captivating carnival costumes. Plumes that are most commonly used for this purpose include Pheasant, Ostrich, Cocktail, Hackle and Saddle. Different types of Pheasant feathers are used to make elaborated carnival costumes, and these include Ringneck Pheasant, Goldentail Pheasant, Reeves Pheasant and Lady Amhurst Pheasant. Apart from Pheasant, different types of Ostrich plumes are also used to make adorable and soft costumes for carnival celebration. These feathers are available in various retail and wholesale online stores in different sizes and colors, and Schuman Feathers is one among them. We deal in Pheasant, Ostrich, Peacock, Nagorie, Cocktail, Schlappen, and various other feathers. These wholesale feathers are available in finest quality in natural shades as well as in dyed forms. You can buy any of these feathers from our site to make a bright and intriguing costume for your carnival celebration.

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