Feather Costumes: The Key Element and Elaborated Beauty of Carnivals

The popularity of carnivals is increasing day-by-day because of lavish costumes, loud music, dance, street parades and many other cultural events. In most of the carnivals, celebrated round the world, costumes play a significant role. They not only enhance the beauty of the carnival, but also make the carnival celebration more colorful and lively. Different styles and types of costumes are made to celebrate different carnivals in distinguished manner. Moreover, these are designed and made according to the theme of the carnival.

Rio de Janeiro Carnival is famous for its ornate costumes that are meticulously handmade. This well-known carnival is the biggest carnival in the world and is celebrated every year before the Lent. It is celebrated with dance, music and street parades. One of the main reasons to celebrate this carnival is the competition held between Samba Schools in relation to costumes, theme decoration, best floats, music and lyrics, and aesthetics. People dressed-up in colorful costumes represent and reflect the theme of the school, and attract the attention of the audiences in an instant. Besides, the music and dance is included in every facet of the carnival celebration, as they are yet another important part of carnival after costumes. Among different cultural events and dances, Samba dance is the most popular one. Other pleasurable dances include the lundu, the polka, and the maxixe. When it comes to the beautiful, attention-grabbing and colorful costumes of the Rio carnival, feather is the widely used and most preferred thing. Wide range of natural plumes is used to make alluring costumes of the carnival. Popularly Pheasant, Ostrich, Peacock, and Rooster plumes are used to make variety of carnival costumes, and they add grace to the carnival celebration in differentiated manner. Out of these plumes, Pheasant feathers are very different and beautiful in looks. Variety of pheasant plumes is used to make carnival costumes, and these include Ringneck Pheasant, Golden Pheasant, Reeves Pheasant, Lady Amherst and Silver Pheasant. Each of these plumes is distinct from one another in terms of size, quality and texture. Also, these plumes are obtained from both male and female birds of the species. Male bird plumes are colorful in nature; while, plumes of female species are mostly brown. In addition to carnival costumes, Pheasant quills are also used to make carnival masks, headpieces, feather wings, and ornaments for added beauty. Schuman Feathers offers natural plumes in bulk for making carnival costumes and other useful things. We are one of the leading wholesale providers of variety of plumes in different sizes and color options. You can buy any of your preferred feathers to make one of the best and beautiful costumes for carnival celebration.

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