Feather Jackets: Classy Way to Boost-Up Your Dressing Style

Fashion always changes with time, whether in terms of clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, hair styling or others. When it comes to clothing, there are various things that together complete your fashion, like jeans, t-shirts, jackets, skirts, shirts, etc. Jackets add a distinct style to the overall dressing, when worn for mere styling; on the other hand, they serve as protective clothing, especially in winters.

There are different types of jackets that one can wear on different types of clothes to make their look more beautiful and classy. Moreover, to serve different purposes, these stylish jackets are made from different types of materials, like

  • Pure Cotton
  • Dobby Polyester Taslan
  • Polyester Spandex
  • TPU Fleece Stretch
  • Cotton Nylon Spandex
  • Leather
  • Tweed
  • Feathers

Among all these materials, bird plumes are very unique material for making stylish and distinct jackets. Varieties of natural as well as artificial plumes are used to make these jackets that set a unique trend in fashion. Some of the commonly used plumes are: ostrich, turkey, peacock, and roosters. Generally, the down plumes are used to make jackets, worn for functional or protective purposes. Down quills are a layer of fine quills, found beneath the sturdy, rough exterior plumes. These down plumes are extensively used to make jackets, as they are good thermal insulators and have good padding. Jackets made from natural plumes are soft to touch and give a classy touch to one’s dressing style. Apart from adding style, these plume jackets are very cozy to wear, and give warmth feel. If you want to keep your look simple yet fashionable, jackets made from ostrich or turkey plumes are best. But, if you want to make your appearance more flashy and ornate, you can use jackets made with peacock quills. The bright and color-rich texture of peacock quills makes them appropriate for designing party jackets. Besides, using these quills, one can make or design different types of jackets, be it long, short, heavy-feathered or the light one. Schuman Feathers offers varieties of plumes for making stylish, comfy and eye-pleasing jackets. We offer ostrich, peacock, rooster as well as turkey quills for this purpose. Under ostrich feathers category, we offer ostrich plumes and short ostrich quills in a range of sizes and color options. Under peacock category, we offer natural peacock, bleached and dyed, and overdyed quills in various sizes. We also offer turkey feathers and rooster quills in a choice of sizes and bright shades for making beautiful and colorful jackets to perfectly match the outfit. We offer all these feathers in bulk for wholesale purchases.

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