Feathers- Decoration, Fashion and Beyond

The definition of Fashion is different for different people throughout the world. The nuances and the meaning of the word Fashion has taken a paradigm shift from the past to present. While it is a sense of wearing and sporting anything that makes one comfortable, it also means something that is not too main stream and makes you stand out of the crowd. One such accessory, or rather just a product which has managed to capture the wild imagination of all the fashion buffs out there is- Feathers.

Feathers, Fashion and History The use of feathers for fulfilling the purpose of Fashion has been since the advent of time. From the Chinese using feathers as the fan during 500BC, the rich aristocrats started using single feathers in their hats and having a hairdo that was elaborative. As mankind moved forward, feather coats and feather jackets came into prominence. It has been said that during the ancient times, only the royal feathers of the birds like peacocks and ostriches were used. Now, the feathers of multitudes of birds are put to use, ranging from roosters to pheasants and geese. Not only clothes, the feathers also made their mark in the masks that were worn by the women of the higher sections of the society. The masks were not just limited to the feathers, but they were engraved with silver, gold and crystals. Feathers, Fashion and Now The feather industry has again begun to boom. With the top Fashion brands such as Victoria’s Secret using their props made of feathers, the use of feathers has again risen, when people saw the Angels wearing them and walking on the ramp. The use of feathers is not just limited to the manufacture of jackets or coats, feathers these days are also made to make skirts and dresses. And of course, how can one forget the catchy costumes and the extravagant feather head dresses of the cabaret dancers of the Vegas! Schuman Feathers is a Miami based wholesale feathers supplierthat offers a variety of feathers and plumes in their raw and dyed forms.The wholesale feathers are easily available with the delivery of feathers at your doorstep and using these delicate things for the purpose of ornamenting not just yourself, but also the entire home in the form of centre pieces, show pieces, decorative items, etc. So, can we safely say that history is the best proof that it was not only just diamonds, but also feathers that can be called as a woman’s best friend. In true sense.

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