Flaunt Your Style Using Lady Amherst Pheasant Tail Feathers Items

Although like any other bird’s feather, lady amherst pheasant tail feathers also have multiple uses, but most commonly these feathers are used to make whimsical costumes for the carnival, plume wings and headdresses. Their tail is long and covers the maximum part of their body.Interestingly, the feathers can be dyed in different colors like green, blue, red, purple, orange and many more.

Along with fashionable accessories, lady amherst pheasant tail feathers is also used for home decorations  such as centerpieces. Among all, here are some of the most common uses of the feathers by which you can showcase your creative side while making a unique style statement.
Carnival Costume: Using lady amherst pheasant tail feathers to create carnival costumes is a great idea as these quills gives a unique yet distinct beauty to the  overall look. Their long and pointed tip makes them distinct from the other feathers. The feathers are also available in beautiful shapes and different colors along with the natural black, brown and spotted pattern. Due to which, these are widely used all over the world to create extravagant carnival costumes for various carnivals. They are quite dominant in various runways as well. Not only costumes, the quills are also used to create gorgeous accessories to accentuate the costumes. The accessories include feather headdresses, masks as well as wings. Lady amherst pheasant tail feathers is considered perfect for making wings due to their long length.

Fashion Accessories: If you believe in looking different while being classy then these feathers are also ideal elements to make trendy fashion accessories. You can make stylish and wide variety accessories using lady amherst pheasant tail feathers. Accessories like hats, ear cuffs, hats, neck pieces and even boots among others are a few of the options.

Decor items:  Due to their various sizes and a wide range of colors, they are also highly preferred in using for decoration. They create simple yet wonderful looking centerpieces as well as displays along with making craft and millinery items as well as to create wreaths. Lady amherst pheasant tail feathers is a marvelous option to create customized decor items for exterior and interior decoration.

So all the fashionistas and those who love decorating their spaces, make use of lady amherst pheasant tail feathers for your next creation and watch out for the awestruck reactions.

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