Glamorize your Beauty with Fashion Accessories Made with Burnt Coque Feathers

Fashion accessories always attract people, especially women, and they play a significant role in beautifying ones personality and appearance. These fashion accessories create a world of difference, even if you are wearing simplest of outfits. A fashion accessory can be anything from jewelries, bag, a pair of oversized shades, stylish footwear, hair accessories, chic bracelets, or anything else that you can imagine. Apart from these usual fashion accessories, there are some unusual fashion accessories that are not worn by masses. Moreover, the design and style of these fashion accessories makes us so obsessed that we cannot imagine our life without them, when it comes to beauty and fashion. This is also the reason why the demand and necessity of these fashion accessories are increasing day-by-day in the market.

Generally, there are two types of fashion accessories – those we wear and those we carry. Fashion accessories that we wear include jewelries, shoes, sunglasses, scarf, stoles, belts, watches, sunglasses, etc.; on the other hand, accessories that we carry include bag, purse or clutch, to name a few. Most of the accessories that we wear are made or designed using different materials like metal, flowers, beads, glass, etc. Aside from these usual materials, fashion accessories are, now, made or decorated with natural bird feathers. Wide variety of natural plumes is used to fashion accessories, be it for wearing purpose or for carrying purpose. These include Peacock, Ostrich, Pheasant, Rooster, Cocktail and Burnt Coque.

  • Peacock Plumes: Fashion accessories made from peacock look extremely beautiful because of the natural bright and vibrant look of the quills. You can make and decorate earrings, neckpieces, headpieces, hair accessories, bracelets, footwear, bags, purse, and ear cuffs with these plumes.
  • Ostrich Plumes: With large and downy ostrich quills, you can also decorate jewelries, bags and purse, hair accessories, eye-lashes, ear cuffs and even umbrellas.
  • Burnt Coque Plumes: With these quills, you can make or adorn bridal headpieces, eye-lashes, hair accessories, boas, earrings, bracelets, neckpieces, and lot more things.
  • Pheasant Plumes: With variety of Pheasant quills, you can make charming ornaments, ear cuffs, headpieces and headdresses.
  • Cocktail Plumes: These plumes are popular for making jewelry items, bags, scarf or boas, umbrellas, headpieces, etc.

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