Hackney One Carnival: Celebrating Local Creativity and Diversity

Now, it’s time for carnival lovers to revive their energy and showcase their talent. There are various carnivals, celebrated in UK, that display diverse culture and their importance in a beautiful and exuberant manner. Among a large list, most of the carnivals in UK are Caribbean festivals, depicting a true picture of unity and diversity. Besides Caribbean festivals, there are various other carnivals and celebrations that take place throughout the year to bring hundreds and thousands of people together. Hackney One carnival is a beautiful example of this.

Hackney One Carnival is a high-spirited festivity of local creativity and diversity. It is a celebration of different cultures that flourishes in the city. It brings thousands of people together from different carnivals and community groups to bring alive the streets of Hackney with uplifting music, lively dance and astonishing costumes. The carnival is a perfect display of how different cultures are enjoyed together in a blissful way. This year, the carnival will hit the streets of Hackney on September 13, 2015. Bright, colorful costumes, banging music and thumping dance will brighten-up the streets and encourage people to make their participation in large number. Large number of performers, volunteers from various carnivals, community groups and schools participate in the street parade to showcase the culture importance. There are various events, programs and activities that are lined-up to make the celebration more enjoyable and exciting. These include:

  • Live entertainment
  • Carnival procession
  • Ridley Road music zones
  • Food and Craft stalls
  • Kids entertainment

The live entertainment is dedicated to music and musicians. One can enjoy the best of Hackney’s young musicians live on the stage. This is a pleasurable gift for all the music lovers. There are three music zones in the carnival for all types of music enthusiasts. Also, there are craft and food stalls that attract people from different parts of the world. To please the kids and to let them enjoy and relax, there are outdoor play equipment, table tennis tables and giant chess set. In the carnival procession, various groups bring large number of performers to the city streets for enjoyment. In this street parade, one can enjoy the traditional as well as contemporary carnival arts of various countries, like Africa, Caribbean, Ireland, Bolivia, Brazil, and UK. These carnival arts are then judged to select the winner. Besides music and dance, costumes are one of the major highlights of the carnival celebration. These costumes are made and designed in a colorful and elaborated manner with various types of feathers. To make attractive costumes for the carnival celebration, Schuman Feathers is offering top-quality wholesale feathers in various colors and sizes.

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