Here is Your One Stop Guide to Craft Feather Wings

Wings or angel costumes are the most common idea to create costumes for Halloween and carnivals. They are also used in various plays, fancy dress events where your little one dress like an angel or other themed parties. Though traditionally wings are white in colour, but now people also prefer black, brown or coloured wings to create a distinct appeal. And nowadays many people are choosing other colours for wings such as black over white to add an edginess to their traditional angel costume. Black wings can create several looks such as you can be a dark angel, a gothic angel or angel of death.

Angel costumes or wings are widely available in the market, but if you want to personalise your entire attire, then spend some time to customise your own feather wings. However, you should keep in mind that the making of wings requires a lot of time almost one full day, so make sure you keep a day free and dedicate it to create the wings. So here is your DIY to create wonderful wings to rock this season’s party. Start with gathering and arranging things that you will be required to make the wings. The list of items requires includes pencil, scissors, craft glue, medium-weight cardboard, metal paper fasteners, duct tape, craft wire, stretchy netting, ribbon and feathers which is the most important element. The colour of the feather depends on you and your look. Let’s take black feathers and create feather wings for a dark angel look. Take a large cardboard and make an outline of the angel wing. The size of the wing large or small depends on your choice and requirement. The top of the wing should be the widest part of the entire wing. Then moving down towards the end of the wing, narrow down the shape of the wing. Make a four inch long and three inch wide tab at the inside corner in the middle of the wing. When the entire shape of the wing is drawn, cut it out. While cutting the wings, leave 1 inch thick outline on the outer edges of the wings. To cut the second wing you can lay the first cut out of the wing on the other and the cut the second one. Then, using the stretchy netting cover both the wings. Glue the netting properly alongside the edges of the wing Glue together the tab extension of the wings by overlapping both of them. With the help of four paper fasteners on the four corners of extensions, hold together the wings. For more stability, put a piece of wire in between the two inside edges of both the wings. Now the most crucial part, start pasting feathers on both the wings. Start from the end of the wing and paste feather alongside of the edges. Keep on adding layers of feather from bottom to top by overlapping one layer by half an inch. Leave the glue to dry properly. Knock four holes into the four corners of the extension tab of the wings. Then thread four ribbons from the holes and lock properly with knots. Make use of the ribbons to tie the wings on your back. Hence your feather wing piece is ready. For finest quality and variety of bird plumes at the best price, contact the wholesale feather supplier and producer in Miami, Schuman Feathers.

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