How to Clean Feathers at Home

Feathers are used in a variety of applications like ornamentation, decoration etc. Best thing about using feathers is that they can be reused in most of the cases. But, for reusing them, one needs to take care of them. They attract a lot of dirt and need timely cleaning for maintaining them. Especially, the white feather may lose their sheen faster because of dirt. Feather dusters which are used to dust the dirt around the house, also get dirty after some time and lose their effectiveness. They need to be cleaned properly for using being able to be used. Cleaning feathers need little care in handling to avoid any damages or tear to the feathers. You can ask a wholesale feather supplier to clean the feathers for you, but otherwise the process of cleaning feathers is very simple and can be done easily at home. Following are the instructions for cleaning feathers and feather dusters: 1. Firstly. Hold the feathers from their bottom of the spine in the upside down direction. 2. Get a soft paint brush and gently brush away the dust. Move the brush in a direction that is from the spine of the feathers towards the outwards. 3. If the feathers are still not clean after dry brushing method, you can wash them. 4. For washing them, take a large container with some hot water.If your feathers are dyed, there are chances of a little bit staining of color.Take the water that is enough for fully submerging them. 5. Dissolve a little mild detergent or soap in the water. Stir the water until you get the froths in the water. 6. Shake each feather through the frothy water. Repeat it until the feathers look clean. Be careful while doing it to avoid any breakage or damage to them. 7. Take another bucket of clean water. Take feathers one by one from the soapy water and swish them through the fresh, clean water. This will rinse away the soap from the feathers. 8. If you are washing a feather duster, you can squeeze it to drain the excess water. Do not squeeze the individual feathers. 9. You can hang them upside down direction for drying and letting them drain the water. You can use a hair dryer at lowest temperature setting for partially drying them. 10. If you want, you can also dry them flat on a paper, but this may cause them to lose their some fluffiness. 11. To regain the fluffiness of feathers after washing, you can use a hair dryer. But, be careful while using it and keep moving it prevent them from heating up or burning.

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