How to make a Feather Costume for Carnival

Whichever carnival you are planning to go-Mardi Gras, Miami, Venice or Rio, your costume should steal the show. You can create such a costume at home. Carnival costumes are colorful, vibrant and splendid. You can use rhinestones, feathers or any other accessory you want to create a shiny and embellished costume. Here are some easy steps for you to follow and make a costume on your own.

  • First step is to measure you. Measure your waist (just above the hip bone), wrist, and neck with an inch tape.
  • Take around 3 feet long fabric in the color of your choice. Cut a strip of the fabric in a length about double of your waist. Then, sew the edges in seam. Now, cut a few pieces of fabric in a triangle shape. Sew these triangles on the long fabric strip at intervals.
  • You can get some rhinestones of your color choice and start sewing them to the fabric. You can use as may rhinestones as you want. Try to put more stones near the triangular ends. Else if you can also attach feathers to your belt. You can buy ostrich feathers from a wholesale feather supplier. Please take care that you sew the feathers to the inside of the fabric to prevent the feather ends from being visible. If the belt feels scratchy, use a tape to cover the feather ends.
  • Cut 3 strips of fabric in widths of about 2-inches and lengths twice the measured wrists and neck. Sew the edges in seam and stitch the rhinestones or feathers on them.
  • You can make the neck piece in the same way as you made the belt by cutting triangles.
  • Depending on your costume base, sew rhinestones or feathers on the shoulder, across the back and front.
  • To make your costume wings, buy big feathers. Sew these feathers in circular pattern to form a halo when looked from the front. It is better to reinforce them with another fabric as it can be very heavy.
  • Buy a plastic headband and stick feathers or rhinestones on it using hot glue.
  •  Lastly, put everything together. Wear your costume, tie the belt around the waist, and tie your wrist bands & neck pieces. Put your headdress and wear an over- the- top make up. With a sparking pair of shoes you are ready to rock the show.

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