Look Fabulous with Rooster Hackle Feathers in your Hat

There can be no two opinions about the fact that the feathers can be used in millions of ways in order to fulfil our day to day requirements. For example the feathers of peacock and ostriches are used to make various decoration products and find a huge usage during the times of carnivals as these feathers are the best for making the various types of costumes that can be used to give a wonderful look to all the participants during various events, carnivals and festivals. You can not only use the peacock or ostrich feather but you can also make use of the wonderful rooster feathers. The rooster hackle feathers can be used either in their natural forms or in the dyed form. When the feathers are dyed, a huge assortment of brightly coloured feathers is obtained. These feathers can be used to make to make jewellery and hackles. The rooster feathers are the best suited for making ear rings and necklaces. The rooster feathers can also be used to make dream catchers.

Rooster Hackle Feathers[/caption] The rooster feathers can be ordered easily from the Schuman Feathers online feathers store where all the types of feathers are available easily on sale. The Schuman Feathers online store offers feathers in bulk as per the demand of the feathers. The hackle feathers for sale are easily available at the Schuman Feathers as well. All you have to do is to go to their website and choose the colour of rooster hackle feathers you need and place the order. The feathers will be available for you with ease. Now, since we are talking about the hackle feathers, we would like to tell you about the Do- It- Yourself project for making the feathers Hat from rooster hackle feathersFollow on to find out about making the feathers hat on your own. Things that you will need:

  • Paper clip
  • Rooster Feathers of your favourite color
  • Threads (preferable of the same color as the feathers)
  • Needle
  • Glue

Get ready to make the rooster hackle feather Hat: Step 1: First of all open the paper clip in such a way that it is no longer bent. Step 2: Now, from the mid of the paper clip, start sticking feathers in a round manner with the help of the glue. Tie a thread around the feathers, so that they may be secured properly. Leave it for drying. Step 3: Now start sticking more feathers on the top of the first layer of the feathers in the vertical direction in such a way that they are in the standing up position. Step 4: Leave it for drying. After it has dried, stitch it together with the help of needles and the thread. Step 5: You can make multiple rounds of feathers and multiple layers of feathers as per your wish of making it thick and long. Now, your rooster feather hat is ready! You can flaunt your skills and of course your hackle by putting it in your cap or hat and sport a unique look. You can also make amazing jewellery like the earrings or neck pieces with the help of the rooster feathers. We will keep that Do- It- Yourself project for the next time! Till then enjoy with your rooster hackle feathers hat.

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