Look Glamorous During The Carnivals By Using Nagorie Goose Feathers

The carnivals are here once again and it means more fun and glamor as people get to celebrate, dance, eat, drink and most importantly of all get to see and show off their magnificent carnival costume. The carnival costume is created by use of feathers because of their soft nature and fancy shapes. People will use various types of feathers such as peacock feathers, pheasant feathers depending on the type of costume and how long they want the feathers to be. The long and colorful feathers make one look exquisite and stand out and this is what makes the carnival more entertaining.

The nagorie goose feathers have been extensively used for decoration in various places, wedding centerpieces, making fashion accessories and making carnival costumes. Nagorie goose feathers are a type of goose feathers that have a strong and soft bottom part and are slightly curved or round on the upper portion. They are mainly plumes and they measure about 5 to 7 inches, hence they are used to make small hair accessories and headdresses.

Make Heads Turn By Wearing Headbands Of Goose Nagorie

If you would want to have a headband or headdress that doesn’t have long feathers, then the nagorie feathers are the best to use. The white, soft, attractive and stylish round or curved feathers are used to make the headbands or you can also have them colored if you want to. The headbands and hair accessories made from these feathers are usually lightweight, comfortable, and soft to touch and look lovely. You can get wholesale goose feathers so that you have enough feathers for DIY works and making feather pads. To make it more glamorous, add a satin ribbon, roses or Rhinestone.
The carnival festivals flow with the pomp and color so you will need to get various colors of nagorie goose feathers. Schuman feathers have fluffy and soft nagorie goose feathers in various sizes and shapes that will make everything turn to a masterpiece when you attach the feathers. They are wholesale feather suppliers and depending on whatever amount of goose feathers you will need, then visit schumanfeathers.com. The feathers can be dyed in the various colors that you want and are delivered to you.

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