Make Unique Centerpieces for Wedding with Peacock Feathers

A Peacock feather is the most beautiful feather of a bird. It is an amalgamation of different colours which together creates a reflection of a particular set of colours. You can use the feather in a number of ways in a centerpiece. Combine the eye, or center of the feather to a candle or a flower or candle or contrast with other colourful elements to create a dramatic effect.

If you want to add an extra creative element to your wedding reception centerpiece, then peacock feather is the right option for you. The peacock feathers are very versatile and can be used in a number of ways. Artificial Flowers: You can use a peacock feather to create a design in various shades of blue. Take a long container or vase, add some royal blue orchids. Keep the flowers in the centre of the container and arrange the peacock feathers in support to the orchids falling in a downward direction. You can further decorate the container with blue or turquoise coloured stones. If it is a glass container, then the blue coloured stones in the base with peacock feathers and flowers will give an amazing look from outside. Flowers: Peacock feathers with live flowers also look good in wedding reception centerpiece design. Group together the peacock feathers and arrange in different size of vases. Accentuate the vase with white or blue ribbon depending on the entire decoration. Match flowers according to the peacock feather colours such as orchids, dahlias, calla lilies or any other and decorate the centerpiece. Candles: You can make interesting wedding reception centerpiece display by combining peacock feathers with the candles. Take a blue coloured bucket and placed in the centre of the table. Create a dome-shaped centerpiece using the peacock feather, placing the biggest feather in the centre followed by smaller ones on the side. Now arrange the contrasting or same coloured candles according to the theme of the decoration.  You can decorate the candles or the buckets with ribbons as well. So if you want to buy wedding centerpieces, there are ample of retailers in the market. But as wedding reception is an important occasion of life so make it a bit personalised with peacock feather centerpieces.

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