Make your Christmas Celebration unusual with Feathers

Every year ends with grand Christmas celebration. The religious festival of Christmas is celebrated on December 25 to rejoice the birth of Jesus Christ. People celebrate this day in joy with religious faith, prayers, dance and Christmas carols at every corner of the world. The excitement of the celebration enhances when Santa Claus distributes gifts and chocolates to children a day before Christmas. Christmas trees are made and decorated with bells, candles, stockings, colorful balls andchocolates for more attractive and beautiful look. In addition to Christmas trees, people also decorate their house with beautiful flowers, bells, wreaths,angles and candles to celebrate the day with enthusiasm.

Traditionally, Christmas decoration is done with things made-up from red, green and gold colors only; but now, colorful decoration has taken its place. Bright and bold colors are used to decorate Christmas trees as well as house and streets. Use of feathers is a novel and creative idea for Christmas decoration. Natural quills of different birds are used in natural as well as in dyed forms to decorate Christmas trees. In early times, people were used to make Christmas trees with green color dyed goose plumes. Firstly, plumes were split into parts and then clipped with wires to form Christmas tree branches. These branches were then attached to the central stem of the tree. Christmas trees made with plumes not only look good, but also they catch people’s attention to great extent. Different types, sizes and colors of plumes are used to make trees and other decorative items on Christmas. These include –

  • Ostrich – These plumes are very large in size and are available in different forms that include Drabs, Plumes, Nandu and Spads. Christmas tree made with these Ostrich quills look very fascinating. You can get these quills in natural shade as well as in and dyed forms (pink, orange, yellow, turquoise, green, black,etc.)
  • peacock – Christmas trees decorated with these splendid looking quills add stars to your whole decoration. Use of these peacock quills with bells, candles, colorful balls and other items, add unique grace to the celebration.
  • Saddle – You can make lightweight and feathery Christmas trees with these quills in different sizes. They are available in varied color options for color-rich decoration.

You can also make exquisite centerpieces with plumes to enhance the Christmas decoration. Even, you can decorate Christmas cake with feathers to give a unique touch to the celebration. Schuman Feathers provides high-grade feathers in bulk to let you decorate your house and Christmas tree with beautiful quills. These quills are available in a range of colors and sizes for your advantage. We also provide these feathers as party planning supplies at an economical price.

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