Most Popular and Colorful Summer Festival of Barbados

Every year various carnivals are celebrated in different parts of the world that represent the cultural and traditional values of a particular country. Crop Over Festival of Barbados is one good and lively example of this. The festival is formally known as “Harvest Home”, and therefore, traditionally celebrated as the harvest festival in Barbados. The tradition of celebrating this festival was started in the year 1688, featuring music and dance, which was supplemented by bottles filled with water, fiddle, banjo, guitar, bones, triangle and shak-shak. Besides this, other traditions of the festival include feasting, climbing a greased pole and drinking competitions.

Initially, the carnival celebration was started to mark the end of the sugarcane harvest, and it has since evolved as the biggest national festival of Barbados. But, due to the ruthless effects of World War II, which resulted into the decline of sugar industry in Barbados, the festival was stopped. It was later revived in 1974 to attract numerous tourists from different parts of the world. Today, the carnival celebration starts in June and ends on the first Monday in August with The Grand Kadooment. It is celebrated as the fiesta of culture, historic values, music and masquerade. The Calypso competition and the Calypso music are the major features of this two month long carnival celebration. The Calypso music was first originated in Trinidad and uses syncopated rhythm and topical lyrics. Other activities and events of the carnival include



  • Calypso Tents
  • Ceremonial delivery of the last canes
  • Kiddies Kadooment
  • Cohobblopot
  • Folk concerts
  • Art and Photographic exhibitions
  • The Road March Monarch
  • Party Monarch
  • The Pic-O-De-Crop Monarch
  • The Grand Kadooment


In addition, there are food tents, craft markets, street parties and cavalcades that supplement everyday events. Most of the events of this Crop Over Festival are performed in the last five weeks. In Calypso tent competition, the calypsonians battle for the popular Calypso Monarch Award. People’s Monarch and Party Monarch are also the popular competitions of carnival. In People’s Monarch competition, people are given groups of songs (2 songs for each group) and they vote for them, until a winner is chosen out. On the other hand, Party Monarch competition is based on presentation, and the winner is chosen by a panel of judges. The Cohobblopot event of the carnival is a perfect combination of dance, drama and music, accompanied by the King and Queen of costume bands. The Grand Kadooment is the closing event of the festival, where the costume bands fill the streets with fireworks and the lively Barbadian rhythm.


In this famous Barbados carnival, costumes for various events are made and designed using different types of plumes in single shade as well as in striking mixture of two or three. Elaborated costumes are made using pheasant, ostrich, rooster and other bird plumes.


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