Ostrich Feather and a Beautiful Centerpiece Made Out of It

The trend of developing and decorating a table centerpiece is catching up. Designers, decorators and wedding planners are adapting more and more innovative ways to bring a fresh touch to your special day. Even if you are arranging a center piece just to give a makeover to your room, make sure to use material that can add a touch of glamour to the entire decor, such as feathers. Ostrich feathers are not just for parody dancers to engage onlookers - they are now used to adorn the most elegant of wedding receptions and festivals. Using tall containers, you can create vibrant ostrich feather centerpieces that can really stand out. You also can evade a heavy price tag by making your own centerpieces. Begin making your centerpiece by placing the longest of the feathers into the bottom edge of your bunch holder. Make sure that all of the quills are directed upwards. You may requireto trim down the quills depending on its height. Just make sure to be careful to only cut the extra stem- not the feather itself! As you make the arrangement and move to the top of the bouquet container, insert your shorter ostrich feathers. Allow some of the days for the feathers to set and take their proper, flowing shape. On the day of the big event, place your LED illuminator on the table. Position your container on top of the illuminator. Fill the vase with glass marbles (when lit, this will look like water). Leave enough space at the top for the bouquet holder. Place the activated Floralytes on top of the marbles and rest the bouquet holder on the top of the vase. And, you are done! TipsThe Floralytes are for one-time usage only. They usually last 36 to 48 hours after activation. Consider fixing your centerpiece with floral clay if your event is outside.You can make ostrich feathers centerpieces  with the help of wholesale feather suppliers.

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