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When you specifically go for feathers as one of your main items for decor then make sure you pick and choose the right type and variant. For instance, peacock feathers are best for carnival costumes, masks and eye gears, etc. whereas if you are looking for some party planning supplies then go for ostrich feathers. They are big, lustrous and give a very dreamy look and feel. Also, they are apt for wedding decoration!

Why Ostrich Feathers?
Natural or dyed, ostrich plumes are huge and smooth in texture, adds a lot of volume to the whole embellishment. The appearance that these plumes reflect is grand. White plumes are perfect for centerpieces, you may also go for the coloured ones in case you have thought of a specific theme or layout. These quills are easily washable, handy and accessible which make them a perfect choice for any party furnishing.

How to pick the right variant?

Keeping in mind your event layout, select the right size, colour, variant and texture of the quill. For instance, to be decorated in a flower vase, go for the long ones in natural shade. Similarly, for outfit, say a mask, use shorter plumes in darker shade, you may also select the coloured ones here.

  • Type (ostrich plumes, peacock quills, saddle, etc.)
  • Size (long, short)
  • Variant (lighter shade, darker shade)
  • Colour (natural or dyed)
  • Texture (light, smooth)

Besides, renowned providers have a huge variety of products available at their end for any bulk requirement.

How to place your order?
Renowned quill suppliers as Schuman Feathers have their sales team to handle customers personally. So, all you need to do is just go to the website, select your quill, fill in the contact us form with your requirement.

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