Peacock Feather Decoration: Make your Home Out-of-the-Ordinary

We all want to give a beautiful and unique look to our homes to make them different from others. There are different ways through which we can beautify our homes, both interior and exterior. For example, we can use a beautiful combination of wall paints, nicely deigned floorings and claddings, stylish furniture and fittings, artistic paintings and craft items, natural and artificial flowers and plants, centerpieces, and various other decorative items. But, all these decorative ideas are very old-fashioned, isn’t it?

Now-a-days, people are using various creative ideas to decorate their homes in a beautiful and stylish manner. Use of bird quills is one such unique way to do so. There are wide varieties of quills, used in different forms, to make home decoration out-of-the-ordinary. Some of the commonly used plumes are Ostrich, Peacock, Cocktail, Pheasant and Turkey. These plumes are used to make various decorative items to garland home interior and exterior in a striking way. Out of these plumes, the beauty and the uniqueness of the peacock feathers make them distinct from others. These quills are used to make and adorn home decorative items like:

  • Centerpieces: Different sizes and styles of centerpieces are made with peacock quills to garnish the beauty of the table settings. You can place these centerpieces on the center table of your living area, dining table, table alongside the bed or any other place, where you wish to as per your home settings.
  • Tablecloth: Tablecloth made from peacock quills heighten-up the beauty of your dining table in the most alluring manner. Even, you can use this beautiful peacock plume tablecloth for your living area center table.
  • Craft and Millinery Items: You can decorate every corner of your home with craft and millinery items, made with these gorgeous quills.
  • Wreaths: Decorate the doors and windows of your home magnificently with large or small wreaths, made with peacock quills. These wreaths are also used to beautify homes externally.
  • Pillows and Cushions: Now, you can get beauty with comfort with pillows and cushions ornamented with peacock quills. Cushions adorned with these quills enhance the look of your sofa and the beauty of your living area.
  • Mats: You can make beautiful, soft mats with these plumes that can be placed in bedrooms or in living areas.

Besides these, peacock quills are also used to adorn glasses and cutlery items, and even the chairs for the special occasions of life. To decorate your home extraordinarily beautiful with peacock quills, Schuman Feathers is offering wholesale peacock feathers in different sizes and shades. We also supply rare and exceptionally gorgeous white peacock feathers of top-quality for home decoration purpose.

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