Peacock Feathers and their Awesome Uses

What is the significance of Peacock Feathers?

The peacock feathers are the ones that are obtained from peacock. The plumage comprises of brightly hued blue and shades of blue and the wings comprise of beautifully colored feathers. The bird is considered to be extremely pious in the eastern countries. It is the national bird of many countries and is worshipped as well. Peacock feathers are also used for keeping away the lizards and snakes in the home, so many people use it ward off evil creatures and with the religious point of view, it is used to ward off the evil spirits.


Uses of Peacock Feathers in bulk in the Different areas

The uses of feathers can go beyond imagination. It is all upto the view of the crafters and the imagination of the artists. The fashion designers use the feathers for designing various costumes that they can use to present on their ramp. The interesting designer costumes can be made or the feathers can be made simply using the peacock feathers for making the wings, using as a prop. Even the feathers can be used for making different accessories like the hand bags, head dressers etc that can be used for displaying on the ramp. The peacock feathers in bulk  can also be used in order to make the different kind of jewellery ranging from bracelets, earrings, finger rings or even toe ring.

Apart from this, the peacock feathers can be used to make multiple decorative items as well that can help in making your home and the surrounding spaces very beautiful. You can make peacock feather fans, wind chimes and dream catchers that can add positive vibes and positive energy  in your surroundings.


Dyed Peacock Feathers and their uses in carnivals

It is the season of summer and monsoon carnivals and their is a good possibility of using different and multiple feathers for preparing costumes and props. For this purpose, you can buy the wholesale peacock feathers that can be availed at an exclusive price with great discounts. The Schuman feathers online store offers great discounts that can be used to fulfill all of your needs and requirements that comprise of having the peacock feathers in bulk at the wholesale price. You can go to the website and place your orders as per your requirements. The dyed peacock feathers can be used for making many attractive items. If not that, you can also use the natural peacock feathers that can prove to be a great source of adding a natural touch in all of your items. So, place your order now and get crafting.

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