Pervasive use of Pheasant Feathers for decoration

Pheasant is a beautiful bird, belonging to Phasianidae family, which is characterized by its potent sexual dimorphism. There are different species of pheasants in this family, whose plumes are used for different purposes. Common pheasant is the most popular one, which is prevalent all over the world and is used in farm maneuvers. Other species of the family include Golden Pheasant, Lady Amherst Pheasant, Ring-neck Pheasant, Silver Pheasant, Reeves Pheasant, Blood Pheasant, Ruffed Pheasant,Koklass pheasant,Kalij pheasant, and many more. Plumes on each of these species are available in the market for different purposes and in different color options.

  • Golden Pheasant – It is also known as Chinese Pheasant. The males of this species are 90–105cmin complete length with 2/3 part covering the tail. Also, they are more beautiful and attractive in appearance, as compared to the female birds. Plumes of these pheasants are popularly used for decoration, and for making carnival costumes and headdresses.
  • Reeves Pheasant – It is a large bird, known for its 6 feet (approx.) long tail feathers. Due to their long tails, they are also known as Long-tailed Pheasants. Males of this species have bright-colored body; while the females are less showy in appearance. The plumes of these birds are widely used for decoration, making ornaments and for making carnival costumes, centerpieces, feather wings and headpieces.
  • Ring-Neck Pheasant – These are ground-feeding game birds, having chicken-like appearance. Male birds of this species are colorful in looks and have long, pointed tail plumes; while the females are brown in appearance with paler scaling on upper body parts. The plumes of female birds are commonly used in decoration items, because of their ready availability. Besides, the plumes of male birds are used for decoration and for making wreaths, ornaments, costumes, craft items, millinery applications, etc.
  • Lady-Amherst Pheasant–This species of birds are very closely related to Golden Pheasant. The male birds are about 100-120cm in length with their tail plumes covering maximum part. Also, they are more beautiful and eye-catching in appearance, as compared to the female birds, having mottled brown plumes all over. Their plumes are used to make ornaments, headdresses, hats and for decoration.
  • Silver Pheasant – This species of birds are found in forests and mountains. The males are black-white in appearance; while, the females are mostly brown. The quills of these birds (males) are used for making jewelry items and fishing files.

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