Pheasant Feathers A Suitable Accessory for Creative Fashion Designs

The incorporation of feathers into different fashion designs is a sophisticated and gorgeous trend that almost everyone has embraced in today’s society. Most importantly, pheasant feathers have found wide use in the fashion industry as suitable accessories for different outfits. These natural feathers can also be used to make costumes, hair extensions, wigs, earrings, interior decoration items for the home, centerpieces, art craft, amongst others.


Pheasant feathers are collected from pheasant birds which belong to the sub-family Phasianinae, these birds are characterized by their unique sexual dimorphism. Male pheasant birds are identified by their colorful bodies and long tails while female pheasant birds are identified by their brown colored body and short tails. Plumes collected from both female and male pheasant birds can be used as suitable accessories for fashion designs.


There is a wide range of pheasant feathers that can be used as suitable fashion accessories, they include the following;


Golden pheasant feathers: these feathers are collected from golden tail pheasant birds. The natural color of the plumes from these birds is golden brown. Golden pheasant birds are naturally secretive in addition to their attractive look. Plumes from golden pheasant birds are used as fashion accessories for different designs.

Ring neck pheasant feathers: these feathers are collected from the common pheasant birds. The plumes have a natural brown color and are useful as fashion accessories. Other uses of these pheasant feathers include accessories in masks and costumes design.

Reeves pheasant feathers: these feathers are collected from Reeves pheasant birds. They are also known as long-tailed pheasant birds because of their distinctive pointy tails. Plumes of long-tailed pheasant birds are used to design costumes and other attractive fashion accessories.

Lady Amherst feathers: Lady Amherst pheasant tail feathers are suitable ornaments for dresses, headdresses, hats and other fashion accessories. These pheasants are similar in appearance to the golden pheasants.


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