Prepare Yourself for the Extravaganza of Virginia CaribFest 2017

The best part of attending the carnival is to witness the extravaganza the fest offers. From amazing Caribbean costume adorned with pheasant feathers and natural peacock feathers. Every year, the Virginia town in the US celebrates one-day cultural fest with the explosion of Caribbean, Latin, African and Folklore Music. This year, the 12th Annual Virginia CaribFest Carnival 2017 is held at Town Point Park, Downtown, Virginia.

Organized by The Virginia Caribbean- American Cultural Association, this year the carnival will be held on August 12, 2017 flooded with electrifying music, Carnival parade and Xhale Boat Ride.

The best part of this fest is the carnival parade where stilt dancers adorned with elaborate costumes having long, colourful feathers become the highlight of the festival.

What to Expect?

The Virginia CaribFest Carnival 2017 being the biggest carnival fest is laid with a number of events. Local and regional Caribbean acts, live orchestra by Dakeye, Nature's Child Band, Tumbai Salero Bang and many more. Further, on August 11, you can enjoy J'Ouvert Boatride with three-deck dining cruise vessel, on August 12, Carnival Parade on the streets of Downtown Norfolk, Live authentic Caribbean music at Town Point Park and other events.

The Role of Feathers in the Carnival- Buying from Wholesalers

The already beautiful carnival is further adorned with colourful feather plumes.  You will come across the dancers wearing costumes having natural peacock feathers and ostrich plume feathers that uplift the overall costume. The quills are big in size and come with different textures that give a creative look to the costume.  You can get these quills from feathers wholesalers online who offer them under discounted rates during carnival period.

Natural Peacock Feathers-Uplifting the Costumes

Natural peacock feathers are those which aren’t customized and stay natural. The bright and shimmering appearance makes the costume look adorable. These peacock quills are best used for the carnival celebration to make headpieces, headbands and feather fans. Assort and pick the best from peacock feathers wholesale for the carnival costumes.

Ostrich Plume Feathers- Buying Online:

Ostrich plume feathers come in varieties- Drabs, Nandu, Plumes and Spades. Each type is effortlessly trimmed to get the best shape. With soft textures and appealing colour, they are best suited for carnival piece. You can buy these feathers on bulk from reputed online wholesalers like Schuman Feathers.

Let your Carnival Costume get Shades:

Whether you are adding goose feathers or pheasant feathers, buying them from the wholesalers and customizing it with the costume will really make you stand out from the crowd. Choose from right collection that perfectly suits the Virginia CaribFest Carnival parade to get gazing eyes on you. Be an extravagant Caribbean at the most awaited carnival of the year.

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