Reeves Pheasant Feathers for Your Striking Look

Reeves pheasant feathers help you look outstanding and unique at a party, ceremony, wedding or any other occasion. Create your outfit design on your own. We recommend you to experiment with some reeves pleasant feathers!


 Did you know that the tail feathers of reeves pheasants are recognized by the Guinness book of world records as the longest feathers of any bird? Usually, the male bird measures about 210 cm, while its tail can measure up to 2.4 meters long! This makes their feathers suitable for adding to millinery. Also, they come in a combination of earth tones like brown, burnt sienna, umber, ochre, gray and white. You can observe that the shades precede each other, after a light shade coming a very dark brown stripe going through the feather in a prominent pattern.


The tall and beautiful feathers are found only in the male tail. For this physical characteristic, the reeves pheasants are also called long-tailed pheasants.


Larger feathers are usually used in decoration. People from countryside use them more often, because of their colouring. During winter holidays, decorators use the tall reeves pheasant feathers in wreath making and centrepieces.


If you intend to make a dream catcher, do not forget about the feather hanging from the webbing, as without it the construction is not considered complete. The Native Americans believed that the night air is filled with good and bad dreams. The legend of the dream catcher tells that it captures the bad spirits, protecting us from evil and making our sleep peaceful and calm. But the good spirit of dream finds its way to our mind by floating down the sacred feather. So, that is why it is so important not to forget about the feather.


Reeves pheasant feathers are perfect for carnival costumes! They can be used for crafting masks, headdresses, or even wings of Aztec style. Also, pheasant feathers are often used in the creation of Peking Opera Costumes, this tradition coming from ancient times. So, if you plan to visit a carnival soon, do not hesitate to buy some reeves pheasant tail feathers and experiment with them, no matter in what form you use them: natural as they are, or dye in another colour.


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Get inspiration in internet and create your own project from beautifully thin, tapered tail feathers of reeves pheasants!

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