The Vivid Parameters to Select the Finest White Goose Feathers and Its Usage

Though there are many options available online as well as in the marketplaces when it comes to buying feathers in bulk. However, to get quality stuff and that too in huge quantity one has to consider a certain parameters as mentioned below

The Texture The overall consistency of the quill should be sane. Say for instance, a White Goose Feather is very much in when it comes to manufacturing the home décor items such as dream catcher, wind chime, center table decor and similar stuff. The Color Again, when it comes to selecting the right color of the quill, you are searching to make your own collection of unique handicraft items then have clarity in your mind that whether you want to go for natural shades or dyed color patterns. The Size Size does matter! No matter what stuff you want to make using the quills, it is always advisable that while buying the feathers in bulk you know the exact diameter. The standard size is 5*7 inches which are normally used by the designers and creators to make something unique. However, it totally depends on your specific requirement and accordingly, you can pick up feathers in other sizes as well to do the needful. The Price Though the price is an external factor to pick and select any quill for that matter, however, in case you are planning to buy feathers in bulk, this can be the most significant one. You can actually save big and get good discount in case you buy from a reliable source, supplier or manufacturer, without just going with any. Besides, these factors one has to know the usage of these bird plumages, the following can be made out of it:

  • Wind chime, dream catcher or similar décor hangings
  • Purses or handbags
  • Wall art or center table décor piece
  • Jackets or pullovers
  • Ornaments (neck pieces, earrings, bracelets, etc.)
  • Rugs or dusters

So, what are you waiting for? Go and have your very own piece of white goose feather created and admire the magnificence!

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