Turkey Feathers: Beautiful and Downy Plumes of Multiple Uses

Turkey is a large-sized bird, which belongs to the genus Meleagris. It is native to Americas, particularly to the forests of North America. The bird is known for its big, colorful feathers that are approx. 3500 in numbers. It is generally found in two varieties- domestic and wild. Male birds of both the species are large and colorful, and have a characteristic fleshy wattle or protuberance. On the other hand, female birds are less showy in nature. Turkey quills are usually used for warmth and ceremonial purposes. They are commercially used for craft items, calligraphy quills, fly fishing ties, arrows and tribal ceremonial costumes. These quills are obtained from the body and the tails of turkey. Quills that are obtained from the body part are known as T-Base and they are used to make varieties of craft items.

Turkey quills are of varied types and they are:

  • Turkey Marabou – Threaded turkey marabou quills are soft and downy in nature and are popular for their decorative use. They are naturally available in white color and can be dyed in various bright shades, as per the usage. These types of turkey quills are used to make theatre costumes, craft items, fly tying, puppets, lingerie trimming, fancy slippers, dress trimmings, handbags, and millinery applications.
  • Turkey Rounds – These are acquired from the domestic turkeys, and are the secondary flight quills with length 10-12 inches. Usually, these types of turkey quills are used for making craft applications, and costumes.
  • Turkey Plumage – Similar to that of Turkey Marabou, these types of quills are also white in color. They are popularly used for craft applications and can be dyed in different colors for colorful usage. Each plume is 3-5 inches in length with overturned triangular shape at the top and soft down bottom part.

Turkey quills are also popular for their usage in textile applications. They are mixed with spun and nylon to make yarns that is used for good-quality fabrics. Other uses of turkey quills include:

  1. Pillows and Comforters: They are stuffed into pillows or comforters for relaxing sit or sleep.
  2. Dusters – They are excessively used to make feather dusters that are perfect to clean dust from furniture, walls and from other items.
  3. Costumes – Yet another popular use of turkey plumes is in the form of costumes. You can make carnival as well as party costumes with these quills.
  4. Handheld Fans – Attractive and beautiful handheld fans are made from turkey quills. If you want to make a perfect handheld fan, use properly trimmed, long and dyed feathers.
  5. Boas – Boas are pretty much common in today’s fashion. Different styles and colors of boas are made in a range of length and thickness, using turkey quills to perfectly match your outfit.

Besides these multiple usage, you can also use these quills as decorating item to beautify your party or wedding. Schuman Feathers offers finest-quality turkey feathers in different sizes and in a range of colors. Buy these feathers in bulk in varied types to make numerous useful things.

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