Which feather you prefer to make carnival costume: Ostrich or Pheasant?

Costumes are the center of attraction in any carnival celebration, as they make the overall celebration more graceful, colorful, eye-catching and enthusiastic. In fact, some of the carnivals are represented by their costumes, as they characterize the true soul, culture and traditional values of a particular country.Carnival costumes also give a distinct feel to the activities and the cultural events performed during the whole celebration.

Feather costumes are very much popular in most of the carnivals, celebrated around the world. Forexample, Rio Carnival, Venice Carnival, Jamaica Carnival, Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, Mardi Gras, to name a few. In all these carnivals, plumes are used to make headpieces, masks, wings, and otheraccessories. Different types of plumes are used to make different styles of colorful and attractivecostumes for the carnival festivity. Some of the popularly used plumes are – Ostrich, Pheasant, Peacock and Cocktail. Even, out of these popular ones, Ostrich and Pheasant plumes are more prominent. Use of Ostrich and Pheasant plumes, for making costumes, heighten-up the carnival magnificence in every manner. But, now the question is which plume is most suitable for making carnival costumes – Ostrich orPheasant. Well, the answer is very difficult to determine, as both the plumes have their owncharacteristics and significance in terms of their usage as carnival costume. Ostrich quills are large, softin nature, and give a silky look and feel to the costume. On the other hand, costumes made withpheasant quills give big, elaborated yet hard-wearing look and feel. For making costumes with ostrichquills, you can use ostrich plumes, spads and nandu quills; while making costumes with pheasant quills,you use ringneck, goldentail, lady Amherst and reeves pheasant quills. If you want to make costume with ostrich quills, you need to first make sure that whether you want tomake a large costume or a short one. For making a large and elaborated ostrich feather costume, youcan use plumes and spads types of ostrich quills, as they are long in length; whereas, to make shortcostume, you can use nando ostrich. If you want to make costume with pheasant quills, you can use anyof the available varieties. Like, Reeves Pheasant quills are extremely long in length; therefore they arebest to make carnival costume wings; while Lady Amherst pheasant plumes are widely used to makecarnival headpieces. You can choose any of the plumes, be it ostrich or pheasant, as per your preference. But, make sure thatyou are choosing the appropriate plumes for your carnival costume that will make you the center ofattraction in the whole carnival festivity. Schuman Feathers offers wholesale ostrich feathers and pheasant feathers wholesale to let you make the best and attention-grabbing costume for the carnival celebration.

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