White Peacock Feathers – A Unique Beautification Accessory

Peacock feathers have an attractive appearance that makes them the most sought after decorative and beautification accessory. The bright and coruscate colors makes these feathers versatile for various purposes. The white peacock feathers add a distinct look to home decorations. Other colors (e.g. green and blue quills) can also be used in combination with white peacock feathers to enhance its glamour.


Quills from peacock can be used for unique interior and exterior decorations such as wreaths, and vases in various homes. Such adornments add a peculiar finishing touch to your home. These unique feathers can also be used as suitable decorations for various celebrations such as wedding anniversaries, birthday celebrations, and cocktail parties amongst others. White peacock feathers are catchy accessories that can be used as the theme for a particular occasion. Peacock feathers can be used as decorative furniture, an accessory in bouquet, center pieces, and other distinguishing fashion ornaments. Peacock quills are useful accessories in designing costumes such as masks, headbands, headdresses, headpieces, carnival celebration, and feather fans amongst others. Fashion accessories are not left out; some of the fashion accessories with peacock feathers include earrings, clutch bags, necklaces, and pendants. Other accessories that can be decorated with such quills include footwear, furniture, cushions, pillows, and tote bags.


Wholesale peacock feathers can be purchased from Schuman feathers. Schuman Feathers is a notable dealer in natural wholesale feathers including peacock feathers. We offer various sizes, shades and shapes of peacock feathers, all at affordable prices. There are natural peacock quills available on our online stores that can be used in fashion, costume, crafting and decoration. We have the right peacock quill that is perfect for the needs of our various clients. When it comes to purchasing wholesale peacock feathers, quality is everything. Only quills of great quality come out looking stunning as decorative plumes. Schuman Feathers is your safest bet when it comes to feathers of an amazing quality at an affordable price.


There is a wide array of peacock quills available on our online stores. Some of the peacock feathers have been dyed, bleached, and over dyed to generate various colors that suit the various preferences of our customers. These varieties can be used in decorating Christmas trees and other beautification ornaments. For more inquiries about the details of our products, you can contact us through email or phone. Our contact address is available on our website. Our customer care support team is friendly and always there to attend to you at all times.


Schuman peacock feathers are a quintessential accessory for both decorative, art craft, and other purposes. These plumes come in different varieties to suit the purpose to which they are intended for. These high quality plumes are durable, attractive, and unique; it is a versatile accessory in the world of fashion, crafts, costumes, and home decoration (interior and exterior decoration). Wholesale peacock quills can be purchased at any of our online stores.


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