Wishing a Great Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day has finally arrived. It is celebrated annually to thank God for bestowing us a wonderful life and blessings upon us. This day holds a great cultural significance in the USA. In the neighboring country of Canada also it is celebrated on a different day. In Canada it is celebrated on the 2nd Monday of October.In the USA it is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November every year. It is a national holiday in the USA. People usually, take this as an opportunity to travel to meet their families, making it an extended weekend holiday. Thanksgiving Day has different meanings for different people. It was started as a means to give thanks for blessing a good harvest in the preceding years. Now, it has become a way to thank everyone in the family and friends for all the good things they have done for each other. People who live far from their homeland, therefore, spend time with their families. They celebrate their family reunion by preparing traditional food and organizing a feast for family and friends. A traditional feast of thanksgiving includes turkey, potatoes, gravy and pie dessert. There are different ways in which people like to have an enjoyable time with their families. People indulge themselves in different pre and post meal activities like watching a football match with family and friends. Watching television is one of the favorite past times of people. Some people also like to together watch the Thanksgiving parade on TV. New York City’s Macy’s parade is one of the most popular ones. It is a pleasurable show with floats, bands and troops performing on music and big balloons. Some people like to go for a family walk after dinner. Others like to play cards, charades or other board games and storytelling. For a few people, this day is meant to share some time and love with the less fortunate people. They take this day as an opportunity to serve food and make donations to homeless people living in shelters. Schuman Feathers believes that what it has achieved is because of the blessings of God and its customers who have shown trust in it for years. We want to therefore thank our customers on this day for giving us a chance to serve them. We wish them a prosperous life and send out warm regards to them.After all a sincere “Thank You” is the best prayer that you can ever say.

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