Beautiful and Natural Feather Wedding Centerpieces

Some events are very special in our life; therefore, it is necessary to make them unforgettable forever. Wedding is one such special and ones in a lifetime moment, so people want to make it astounding and perfect in every manner. For this, it is necessary to pay attention on every single thing, be it decoration, food, entertainment, clothing or anything else. Decoration is the first point of attraction of any event, especially weddings. If the wedding decoration is beautiful and pleasing, people get attracted towards it automatically and genuinely. There are different ways through which one can decorate his/her wedding place. For example, flowers, lights, candles, ribbons and feathers. Flowers, be it natural or artificial, are the most popular thing used for wedding decoration. Besides flowers, feathers are, now, the widely used item for decorating your wedding venue. They can be used to make wedding dresses, wedding centerpieces, bouquets, rings, boutonniere, wedding boas, wedding ornaments, and for several other purposes.

Centerpieces make your wedding decoration captivating and wonderful. In fact, they make the atmosphere fascinating for everyone. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the perfect centerpiece for the special day of your life. These wedding reception centerpieces can be made with candles, flowers, lights and with plumes. Feather centerpieces look unique and beautiful, and thus, make your wedding different from others. Different types of plumes are used for making centerpieces in different sizes and colors. Some of the widely used plumes are Ostrich, Peacock, Pheasant and Cocktail, as they are easily available, beautiful and soft in texture and lightweight in nature. As per your preference, you can choose any of these plumes to make centerpieces for your wedding reception.

Ostrich Feather Centerpieces

Ostrich plumes are big in size, soft in nature, and are available in different types. Using Ostrich quills, you can make different styles of wedding centerpieces to give classy and magnificent look to the table decoration. Schuman Feathers offers ostrich feathers for centerpieces in natural shade as well as in dyed forms. You can also choose from three types of Ostrich quills i.e. Plumes, Spads and Nandu.

Peacock Feather Centerpieces

To give sensational look to your wedding decoration, you can use Peacock plumes for making centerpieces. These quills look gorgeous because of their appearance in bright blue and green shade. Besides making centerpieces solely with peacock plumes, you can use stems of Peacock quills in combination with natural flowers to give wow appeal to the decoration. You can, even, simply put Peacock stems in a vase to make decent centerpiece for your wedding reception.

Pheasant Feather Centerpieces

Pheasant plumes are very unique in appearance; therefore, centerpieces made with these quills make your wedding decoration exceptional. Different types of Pheasant quills are used for making centerpieces that include Reeves Pheasant, Goldentail Pheasant, Lady Amhurst and Ringneck Pheasant. Schuman Feathers offers all these quills in natural and dyed shades, and in different sizes.To make your wedding decoration exquisite, Schuman Feathers offers variety of wholesale feathers for centerpieces. Also, we offer finest quality feathers at affordable cost and in bulk in different colors and sizes.