Goldentail Pheasant Feathers

Golden Pheasant Tail Feathers

Schuman Feathers are the leading and genuine suppliers of Golden Pheasant Feathers. Golden Pheasants looks similar to Lady Amherst Pheasants and are among the most commonly found pheasant species. The male and female have different features from each other. Golden pheasant tail feathers make numerous unique and exquisite decorative items that include home decorative pieces, fashion accessories, different costumes and many more.

Golden Pheasant Feather, which is also known as Chinese Pheasant, belongs to Phasianidae family and is native to the forests in hilly areas of Western China. It is one of the most common species of Pheasant, resembles with Lady Amherst pheasants. The male and the female birds of this species are different from each other in looks.

Male golden pheasants are approx. 90-105 cm in total length with tails covering about two-third part. The male birds are easily identified by their bright colored body, having golden crest tipped with red. They have dark colored wings, bright red under parts and pale brown, long tail. Female golden pheasants are somewhat smaller than male birds, measuring about 60-80cm in length with tail covering approx. half part. The wingspan of females is approx. 70cm and they weight nearly about 630 grams. Moreover, females are less showy than male birds. They have pale brown face, breast, throat and sides, mottled brown plumage, and pale yellow feet. Also, as compared to males, they are small and slim in appearance.

Golden Pheasant feathers are widely used for decorative purposes. They are used to make wreaths, centerpieces for home decoration, carnival costumes, wings, craft and millinery applications and headdresses. As fashionable use, these plumes are used to make different fashion accessories like earrings, bracelets, neckpieces, etc.