Wholesale Nagorie Goose Feathers 

Did you know that Naomi Watts, Julianne Moore and the model Laetitia Casta were wearing astonishing dresses created from feathers at the Cannes festival in 2015? It's good to know that feathers are in vogue, Schuman Feathers provides soft and fluffy nagorie goose feathers for sale that will turn everything you attach them to into a masterpiece. Order wholesale goose feather for your DIY works, and we assure that even the most demanding customer will be satisfied with our Nagorie goose feathers.

From several years, bird plumes are used for various useful purposes like decoration, religious, cultural celebration, festival, fashion and style, to name a few. Varieties of feathers are used for these purposes in different shapes and sizes. Among all these purposes, Wholesale Nagories goose feather are extensively used as decorative item, for making wedding centerpieces, for making carnival costumes and for making fashion accessories. In addition to these, plumes are used to make wreaths, fly fishing ties, umbrellas, bouquets, dusters, millinery applications, headbands and hair accessories.

Feather hair accessories are made and designed to give distinct look to your hairs and to add style to the overall appearance. White Goose Feathers are perfect to make stylish, soft and attractive headbands and hair accessories. These plumes are used to make feather pads that are then used to make headbands and hair clips for little angles. 

Wholesale Nagorie goose feathers are a type of curly goose feathers that are strong yet soft from the bottom part and round or slightly curved from the upper portion, that make it perfect for making headbands. Hair accessories and the headbands made from these plume pads are lightweight, comfortable, soft-to-touch, and look fascinating on the heads of little girls. Using these goose feathers for sale, one can easily make different styles of headbands, like party-wear headbands, puff headbands, birthday headbands, to name a few. Besides headbands and hair accessories, these plumes are used to make soft cushions and pillows. 

The process of making these headbands is quite easy. There are few easy-to-use steps that one needs to follow.

    1.     Make a loop of appropriate size using elastic and stick the ends of the elastic with glue in a way to form a circle.

    2.    Take a strip of glue and fix it at the back of the pad, right at the center.

    3.    Now, put the circled loop (made with elastic) on the glue strip.

    4.    What you need to do next is to take a felt pad, coated with hot glue, and press it securely on the feather piece.

    5.    The last and the final step is to beautify the headband with items like buttons, roses, rhinestone, satin ribbon or any other item of your choice.

By following these steps, one can make beautiful and eye-catching headbands at home.

Schuman Feathers offers wholesale goose feathers for sale in a wide range of sizes and shapes, and in finest quality for making trendy and gorgeous headbands and hair accessories. Also, these Nagorie goose feathers are dyed in attractive shades to add color and attractive to the things made.