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Pheasant feathers are beautiful natural feathers that are widely used to make loads of objects starting from home decoration items, costumes, and fashion accessories like wings, masks, centerpieces and many more. Schuman Feathers are the leading pheasant feathers wholesale dealers, which offer premium quality pheasant feathers for sale in attractive price.

Pheasant birds belong to the subfamily of Phasianinae and are identified by their strong sexual dimorphism, where male birds are characterized by their long tails and colorful body, and females by their short and brown-colored body. Both male and female bird plumes are used for various useful purposes. Some of the popular uses of pheasant feathers include costumes, home decoration, centerpieces, fashion accessories, masks, wings, wreaths, headdresses, bouquets, craft items, millinery applications, to name a few. Among these, pheasant plumes are extensively used for making carnival costumes and costume accessories (wings, masks and headpieces). Wide varieties of pheasant quills are used to make the stated items.

Long-tailed/Reeves Pheasant

These birds are given the name long-tailed pheasants because of their long, pointed tails. The quills of these birds are extensively used for trading purpose and to make carnival costumes. Besides these, fashion accessories, centerpieces, headpieces and wings made from these quills also look stupendous.

Golden Pheasant

The plumes of these birds are found in golden and brown color combination, and due to this it is called as Goldentail pheasant. These birds look very beautiful and are secretive in nature. Their plumes are popularly used for decoration and to make carnival costumes and its associated accessories. 

Ringneck Pheasant

It is also known as Common Pheasant and the plumes of these birds are naturally found in brown tone. The most common uses of these plumes are in the form of wreaths, fashion accessories, craft and millinery items, and costumes. They are also used for home decoration purpose.   

Lady Amherst Pheasant

These types of pheasants resemble pretty much with Golden Pheasants. The quills of these birds are used for ornamenting dresses, hats and fashion accessories and to make headdresses and centerpieces.

Silver pheasant

These birds are large in size with long tails. Plumes of these pheasants are widely used to decorate vases, tables and walls, and to make ornaments.Carnival costumes made and designed with all these types of pheasant quills make the carnival celebration more amazing, luxurious and delightful because of their unique look. Likewise, fashion accessories and designer outfits made with pheasant quills add gorgeousness and style to feminine beauty. Moreover, centerpieces, craft items and wreaths made with these plumes add magnificence to home interior and exterior decoration. 

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