Reeves Pheasant Feathers

Natural Reeves Pheasant Feathers for Sale at Wholesale

Reeves Pheasant is a large bird, which is prevalent in the forests of central and eastern China. This species of pheasant belongs to the genus Syrmaticus, and is capable of living in hot as well as cold weather conditions.

The male birds of this species measures 210 cm in length and have long tails that grows up to 8ft. or 2.4m in length. Due to their long tails, Reeves pheasants are also known as long-tailed pheasants. These birds have bright colored body with golden white scales and red body plumage. Their legs are brown in color, iris is brown and the entire portion around the eyes is bare red in shade. The long tails are white and black in combination; while the head part is purely white. On the other hand, the female reeves pheasants measures 75 cm in length and have short tails, as compared to males. Also, the females are less showy in appearance with brown-black crown, a buff face and grayish brown barred tail plumes. In fact, the female birds have the same size as that of male common pheasants.

Reeves Pheasant feathers are popularly used to make carnival costumes, headpieces, and feather wings. They are also used to make fashion accessories, wreaths, centerpieces and for various decorative purposes. Carnival costumes made with these plumes add sparkle to the whole carnival celebration.

Reeves Pheasant feathers are one of the most unique form of feathers that can be found. At the same time, these birds have a unique set of plumage that can be put to use for multiple purposes. The colorful plumage on the body and the white- grey feathers on the tail can be used for many different purposes.

The Reeves pheasant has a beautiful plumage all over its body that is a wonderful combination of colors like golden, white and black. The center of attraction is of course its tail that is long in length and is generally white in color with black and grey bars.

The reeves pheasant feathers in bulk are available easily in all shapes and sizes at different feather stores. These reeves pheasant tail featherscan be used for multiple purposes like making carnival costumes, making accessories like hand bags or head dresser, or for making attractive and unique jewelry items like the ear rings, neck pieces or bracelets. Not only this, you can also make beautiful dream catchers with the help of long reeves pheasant feathers.

Wholesale reeves pheasant feathers can also be bought from the feathers store and are available in different shapes and sizes. You can also buy unique quills that look grand in themselves! You can order the reeves pheasant feathers in bulk and you can easily avail the feathers either in natural form or also in the dyed or bleached form, according to the color you like!