Ringneck Pheasant Feathers

Ringneck pheasant feathers for sale in different shades

Ringneck pheasant is a large, chicken-like bird in Phasianidae sub-family, having long, pointed tail. The bird is native to China and East Asia, but has also introduced in other countries of the world, like North America. 

Male birds of the species, also known as “cocks”, are brightly colored with red face wattles, blue-green heads with bold white ring on neck. The tail of mail birds is very long in coppery shade with thin, black bars. Female birds are less showy in buff brown, but also have long, pointed tail. The female ringneck pheasants are also known as “hens” and they have paler scaling on the upperparts and black spotting on the sides. These birds are usually found in open areas or fields.

Ringneck Pheasant feathers are widely used for decoration and making costumes. As decorative item, these plumes are used to decorate home interiors and wedding or party area. They are also used to make carnival costumes, wings, headdresses, fashion accessories, wreaths, and different types of craft and millinery items.

Ring neck pheasant tail feathers are a beauty within themselves when they are found in their natural form. At the same time, the beauty can be enhanced when the feathers are used in the bleached or dyed form. The tail feathers obtained from the ring neck pheasant are usually very large in shape. The best use of these feathers can be for making the decorative items such as the center pieces or the beautiful bouquets of flowers. The tail feathers can be combined with the artificial flower sticks and leaf sticks and combined together to make unique and wonderful combination of a bouquet. The feathers can also be used for making beautiful quills and can be used for producing beautiful calligraphy.

There is thick and highlighted white colored ring on the neck of the birds and a long tail stretching at the back. The tail of the male ring neck pheasants is usually in copper color and thin lines and bars that are a shade of black. The ring neck pheasant feathers are usually obtained from the male ring neck pheasant. The female ring neck pheasants are not brightly hued and have slight scalings. The natural habitat of these birds is the open fields and are usually found in the vicinity of open surroundings that can be freely maneuvered.

The ring neck pheasant tail feathers have a variety of uses, from decorations in the parties to making costumes, feathers and wings or various fashion accessories.

A wide range of ring neck pheasant feathers in bulk are easily available at any feather store in all shapes and sizes. You can also buy the ring neck pheasant tail feathers according to your favorite color, as the feathers are easily available in their natural, bleached and dyed forms.