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Ostrich quills are big in size and soft in texture, and are obtained from both male and female birds. Male bird plumes are black in color with white primaries and tail; while female bird plumes are greyish-brown and white in appearance. These plumes are available in different forms and lengths for different purposes. Different types Ostrich quills include Plumes, Drabs, Spads, Nandu and Short quills.


You can get these quills from the shoulders of female Ostrich. These quills are gray in color and have thinner stem. For colorful usage, you can bleach and dye them in different colors.


Nandu quills are those that can be effortlessly trimmed in order to get an even shape. These quills are popularly used for making variety of costumes, as they are light and soft in texture.


You can get these quills in natural white color. These large wing quills are obtained from male birds in 20-30 inches length size, and their fibers width may go beyond 12 inches. As compared to drabs, these quills have thicker stems. Also, the female wing plumes are used for varied purposes, as compared to male ostrich plumes.


Quills that are obtained from the tails of Ostrich are known as Spads. These plumes are extremely long in length, but are thinner as compared to plumes and drabs.

Ostrich Feathers Wholesale

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