Peacock Feathers

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The bright and shimmering appearance of Peacock feathers make them one of the most adorable and widely used plumes for decoration and other useful purposes. The bright blue and green combination of these quills gives them a distinct look. Moreover, each feather of Peacock consists of small flat-flat branches.

For home decoration, you can either place these plumes in a vase or can use them in combination with natural flowers. You can also use these quills to make beautiful wreaths to adorn your home interior as well as exterior. Besides home decoration, you can use peacock quills to decorate your wedding party, anniversary celebration, or any other party or occasion. Even, you can use these quills as your wedding or party theme, to add more grace and splendor to the celebration and to catch everyone’s attention. Use of natural peacock quills in beautiful shades make your party celebration memorable in every manner. For your wedding or party theme decoration, you can use peacock quills to make centerpieces, bouquets, party dresses, fashionable ornaments, to decorate furniture and to adorn food serving sets.  

In addition to decoration, Peacock quills are used to make costumes for carnival celebration, masks, feather fans, headpieces or headdresses, headbands, and to make fashion accessories like earrings, pendants, full necklace wear, etc. You can also use these plumes to beautify your pillows, cushions, furniture, purse, clutch, tote bags, and footwear. Furthermore, you can also use peacock quills in the form of painting and picture frames to bedeck your home décor.

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