Whether your ostrich feathers have collected dust over time, or you received feathers in tight packaging that need some fluffing, you will eventually need to revive your feathers to their fullest capabilities.

First you will need some steam and a blow dryer. If you deal with ostrich feathers often, you may already own, or want to look into buying a Jiffy Steamer.

Don't have one? No problem! A tea kettle, fabric steamer, humidifier, or simply a steamy bathroom will do the trick!

Next, you'll want to take one feather at a time over your steamer. Make sure the steam isn't too hot, as that can damage the feather. The focus is to get all of the tendrils damp. If using shower steam, you'll need to let your feathers sit in the steam for 15 minutes or so.

Lastly, you'll take your blow dryer and put it on a low heat setting. The blow dryer will fluff those tendrils back up while it's drying. You can use a low or high blow setting. I've found that the high blow setting works best for me, I just hold it a bit further away from the feather to ensure no damage.

VOILA! Your feathers should look beautiful and ready to use!


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